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The ransom of red chief

Nicobobinus Half Yearly Examination: 1. The Ransom of Red chief 2. The old brown horse (poem) 3. A Polar Explorer 4. The Poem 5. The Great Train Journey 6. The Echoing Green(poem) 7. The Toy box 2nd Unit Test: 1. The White Mouse Circus 2. Trespass (poem) 3. In a Tunnel 4. In the Bazaars of Hyderabad (poem) …

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English Chapter 1. Nicobobinus, 2. The Ransom Of Red Chief, 3. A Polar Explorer, 4. The Great Journey, 5. The Toy Box, 6. The White Mouse Circus; Poems-Mother To Son, The Old Brown Horse, The Poem, The Echoing Green.(Course book and the Work book) Black Beauty-Chapters 1-21; Writing task will be chosen from the text. Hindi 2 L French 2 L …

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The ransom of red chief